City Breaks

Arranging a Luxury City Break

Arranging luxury city breaks can often be more of a challenge then anticipated. Many poeple look for a reputed travel agent to help them book everything they need however some people enjoy sourcing everything for thier luxury break them selves for a tailor made experience. Here are some of our top tips to consider when booking your perfect city break.

Find a Reputed Travel Agent

It is ideal in these situations to source a travel agent or hotel provider that has experience in luxury accommodation as you are much more secure in the knowlege that you are getting exactly what you pay for. Room for Romance are a great provider of luxury hotels. 

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Be Realistic

When looking for a luxury break, it is important to know your limits. Make sure that you budget appropriatly for your holiday so that you dont have to compramise worrying about your finances while away. You also want to make sure you have plent spare to spend in Newyork too. There is no point spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on Luxury flights & accommodation, if you cant explore.

The More The Merrier

Having a loved one or family member to help share the costs can be a blessing. If you can treat your loved on to a romantic break withou assistance, this is of course ideal. However there is nothing wrong with both of you sharing all aspects of the holiday. You can always treat your partner once you are away!